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Every dog deserves a forever home

why we are taking action.

Globally, only 1 in 10 Dogs Born Will Ever Find a Forever Home.

Every Year in the US, 3.2 Million Dogs Enter Animal Shelters.

Over 650,000 Abandoned Dogs Are Euthanized Every Year.

There Are Over 70 Million Homeless Dogs in the United States.

Less Than Half Of All US Shelters Are Designated as 'No Kill.'

Most Shelters Are Highly Overcrowded and Underfunded.

5% of all proceeds donated to charity

join us and help struggling dogs.

As dog owners, we know the joy a dog can bring to a home. Unfortunately, many dogs still remain homeless and neglected. Local animal shelters play a huge role in helping homeless dogs find stable living conditions. That is why we are donating 5% of all proceeds (e.g. $100 order, $5 donated) to charities of your choosing.

Join us, and together, we can positively impact the lives of struggling dogs across the country, every dollar has the potential to transform a sturggling dog's life.

If you want to suggest a shelter you are involved with, DM us on social media or send us an email.

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check out our featured charities.

We update and change our featured charities regularly based on your suggestions.


Wonder Dog Rescue® - Good Boy Pet Company

Wonder Dog Rescue®

Wonder Dog’s current lifesaving mission is a synthesis of 30 years of rescue work. Our founder began in dog rescue in 1990 and started a Boston Terrier rescue in San Francisco. All of our dogs live in foster homes while awaiting adoption. There they are given the love and support they need to transition into their forever homes.

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Dog Tag Buddies - Good Boy Pet Company

Dog Tag Buddies®

Dog Tag Buddies works locally with shelters and rescue groups to help veterans find the perfect companion or service dog. We have multiple trainers throughout the state, including a service dog trainer with over 20 years of experience. They work one-on-one and in small groups composed exclusively of veterans to help them train and bond with their dogs, and with fellow veterans.

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Blue Dog Rescue® - Good Boy Pet Company

Blue Dog Rescue®

Blue Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer, charitable organization that works to find permanent, loving homes for at-risk homeless dogs in the Central Texas area, all the while preparing them for the best possible relationship with you! Most of our dogs come from Central Texas shelters where they might not have a chance at adoption due to size, color, breed, or medical condition.

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Ruff Dog Rescue® - Good Boy Pet Company

Ruff Dog Rescue®

Ruff Dog Rescue, Inc. is a foster-based non-profit, 501(c )3 all breed pet rescue based located in Milton, GA. Through the collaborated efforts of our dedicated volunteers, we rescue dogs and cats from Georgia's High/Quick KILL shelters and place them in foster homes until suitable, permanent homes are found. Our foster families aim to nurture, socialize and train the rescues to facilitate their development while they await adoption.

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